The items ordered will be produced and given to the courier in charge of delivery within 72 hours from the moment of confirmation of receipt of payment. From that moment, delivery times will depend on the delivery address indicated by the customer. promptly informs customers in the event of problems that may slow down the fulfillment of an order (for example the restocking of articles / sizes or the fine-tuning of graphics for printing, or inactivity or suspension of the service by the courier ): we guarantee our commitment to always find the best solution!

Please note that couriers do not deliver on Saturdays and Sundays and that is not responsible for any delays or errors attributable to the courier.
Shipping times and costs of personalized items

Destination: Italy
Vector: Nexive | TNT | SDA | BRT | UPS (overseas) | DHL (abroad)
Cost of 1 or more items:
€ 9.90 VAT included
Disadvantaged areas:
€ 20.90 VAT included
Delivery time (from delivery to courier):
Ordinary Italian territory: 1 business day
Italian territory – islands: 2 working days
Extra ordinary Italian territory – disadvantaged areas: 4 working days

Destination: Europe
Vector: Nexive | TNT | SDA | BRT | UPS (overseas) | DHL (abroad)
Europe 1: € 20 including VAT
Europe 2: € 28 including VAT
Delivery time (from delivery to courier):
European territory: 7 working days

Destination: Extra Europe
Vector: Nexive | TNT | SDA | BRT | UPS (overseas) | DHL (abroad)
Cost of 1 or more items: € 42 including VAT
Delivery time (from delivery to courier):
Non-European territory: 14 working days

Order tracking

On the day of shipment you will receive a warning email from and then a second email from the courier with a link and tracking data.
Transport and Delivery

The Seller will arrange for the selected and ordered Products to be delivered to the address specified at the time of the purchase order, in Italy and Europe, in the manner indicated below.

The shipment is made by courier (hereinafter the “Carrier”) with delivery to the address indicated directly in the order. For the execution of the delivery of the Products, the User must provide all the necessary information, including the shipping address and telephone number of the person to whom the Product must be delivered, if it is different from the person placing the order. Delivery will only take place in the hands of the recipient indicated on the waybill. The Carrier reserves the right to request a suitable identification document from the recipient of the shipment.

Upon receipt of the Product, the User is required to check:
(i) that the quantity of the Products ordered corresponds to what is indicated in the transport document;
(ii) that the packaging is intact, not damaged or, in any case, also altered in the closing materials.

Once the Carrier’s transport document has been signed, it will not be possible to make any objection to the Company about the characteristics of what has been delivered.

If the Carrier cannot provide for the delivery of the Products due to the physical absence of the recipient or his delegate in charge at the address indicated, the Carrier may contact the recipient by telephone in the following days, in order to complete the delivery of the Product. Therefore, in the event of non-delivery of the Product, a further attempt to contact by the Carrier may follow; there will be no additional costs in the event of stocks, as there will be no additional costs for the user until the second delivery attempt.

If the package delivered by the Carrier is visibly damaged and broken, the User must reject the shipment to the sender. In this case, the Seller will take care of the recovery of the shipment and provide for a new shipment.

If the shipment is made up of several packages and not all of them are damaged, please reject only the damaged package to the sender by signing the courier’s bill “With Reserve”. The Seller will recover the damaged package and replace it. If the product to be replaced is out of stock, you will be contacted to replace it with another product or to credit the residual value.
Non-compliant products

In the event that the Products are not intact, are already “open” or in any case have characteristics that do not comply with what is described in the product data sheets on the Site, the User must report the circumstance by writing an e-mail to info @ aboama .com indicating the relative Order Number and any defect that should be found, within and no later than 24 (twenty-four) hours from receipt of the Product. Any report sent after the deadline indicated will not be taken into consideration. If the Product is damaged, the recipient is required not to take personal initiatives with the courier and to agree in advance with the Seller on the possible return of the package. To demonstrate the damage, the display of images necessary to open the claim file with the courier may be requested; these images must show the extent and nature of the damage as well as the state of the packaging. Any returns of goods not previously agreed between the parties will be charged exclusively to the User and non-refundable.

NB Any customs costs are charged to the customer.